Chava Mirel

Chava Mirel combines rich, luxurious vocals with deep pocket rhythms to bring a new sound to Jewish music. With themes of gratitude, self-acceptance, balance and responsibility for each other, Chava’s songs bring comfort and uplift the spirit.

As early as age 2, Chava has been connecting with multiple generations through performance. An award-winning Jewish composer, she has worked for decades as an educator and Cantorial soloist on both coasts of the US. She also tours internationally, currently as a singer and keyboard player with reggae icon Clinton Fearon. Chava has backed dozens of Jamaican artists, and is devoted to the art and science of groove.

Chava Mirel’s new full-length album, Make The Two Sides Meet, is an eclectic array of groove-based original songs. From liturgical settings to her own inspiring lyrics, she spans some of her most beloved genres – reggae, soul, samba, funk, gospel, hip-hop and West African music.

Make The Two Sides Meet is available at https://chavamirel.bandcamp.com/releases

“Chava is a thoughtful and thought-provoking storyteller. Her uplifting and empowering lyrics move me both emotionally and spiritually.”

Rani Weatherby

“You have brought a shining light to the members of Dub lounge international your talent speaks for itself plus being a great human being helps too a lot of musicians here in Seattle know who you are and more will know soon come.”

Naphtali Ebna La-Hakim Rashid

“Chava’s music inspires me to have a spiritual approach to my own songwriting. Her synergy of modern sounds with her cultural roots sounds so good!”


The music of Chava Mirel is singular and beautiful, and is matched only by the size of her heart. Her music fills me with joy that grows with each listen.

Flip Frisch

Chava brings a sense of community to every room she enters. We always feel it, young and old alike. Her music bonds us to each other and to her. We are all the better for having been part of her magic. There really aren’t words for these feelings, just song and love.


Chava is such an inspirational person. Her music is more than just sound. It touches you deep down in your soul and your heart. She can get a room of people of all ages to get up and clap and dance around. Her love of music really shows when she performs. Her energy is very contagious. I look forward to ending my week with the sounds of Chava Mirel. Check her out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed .

Craig Weinstein

Chava’s voice has a magical quality. Her passion and spirituality flows from her lips. She has a way of bringing a whole community together through song. My whole family feels lucky every time we hear her sing.

Amy Barley

Chava has inspired my speech delayed two year old daughter to find her own and voice and words through music. Thank you for sharing your positive energy and beautiful music with our family:)

Lauren Katz

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